Spectacular Colca Canyon


The spectacular Colca Canyon is at least twice as deep as the Grand Canyon. About 150 Km NW of Arequipa (4 hours), crossing the Salinas and Aguada Blanca reserve is the town of Chivay, starting point to explore the canyon.

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The climate is dry in the valley, with sunny days and cold nights. The rainy season is from November to April.

The Colca Canyon is a massive geological formation made by the Colca River as it finds its way between the mountains made of volcanic material.

The greatest attractions to the tourists are between the town of Chivay and the Cruz del Condor near the town of Cabanaconde, about 60 Km distance.

Chivay is the gateway to the canyon. Most tourists overnight in the accommodations nearby. Then after 8 km, the first town is Yanque with warm thermal swimming pool and nice accommodations at Colca Lodge,

Then comes the town of Achoma, Maca, Pinchollo and finally the Mirador or Cruz del Condor, the deepest point of the canyon, where the majestic Condors can be seen, rising from the mountains. The last town in the Colca Canyon is Cabanaconde, a typical village about 20 minutes from Cruz del Condor.
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