Vegan Experiential Tourism in the Andes



Experiential tourism constitutes an important means of encouraging the meeting and coming together of different cultures, their problems and potentials, especially in rural areas. Tourists get experiences completely different from their usual ones in big cities. They experience first-hand the rich cultural diversity of the rural communities.

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Participating in a vegetarian experiential tourism program in Cajamarca (Porcon Farm), North of Peru; programs in different communities of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, (Cusco- Peru), and also communities in the highlands of Ecuador or Bolivia; gives tourists the opportunity to enjoy the pristine nature of the highlands in the Andes, participating in different workshops for the benefit of the communities and increasing the income of local people, through sale of local products (handcrafts, improvement of tourism services, etc) as well as enjoying delicious vegetarian and vegan local food.

Living for some time in these communities are unique experiences which enrich the life of visitors, eager to have intimate contact with the natural world of the Andes and its inhabitants. Visitors will share daily life, customs, festivals and the great variety of natural ecosystems, in this beautiful land, the fascinating and ancestral world of the Andes.

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